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Together, we are #StoryCountyStrong

March 25, 2020

As I talk with business owners and community leaders about how they are weathering the effects of this major public health crisis, I grow more and more confident in our ability to surpass this and thrive beyond it.

I’ve watched my team step up to the plate to get any and all resources out to our business community. I’ve experienced grocery store employees work themselves dry getting all the available product on the shelves as quickly as possible. I’ve talked with business owners who are collaborating to set up delivery systems and sell each other’s products on their websites to keep doors open. I’ve seen neighbors walk across the street to check on their elderly neighbors to make sure they’re okay and help out where they can.

Each incredible moment like these speaks volumes of our community, and I find myself growing even prouder of this place I call home. My family and I have lived here since 2006, and I have seen this community rally around common goals in the past, and I am certain of our ability to band together and come out of this stronger than ever. 

At the Ames Chamber of Commerce, the majority of our staff is working from home but still working double-time to support our members and business community. Our job is to listen and support our businesses, and in times like this our role is amplified to a new level. 

We’ve been in constant communication with our members through email updates sharing new and relevant resources they may find value in as well as video interviews featuring local experts on topics from healthcare to workforce concerns. All of these resources are being provided to help address the questions our members have during this unprecedented time.

We aren’t sure when we will get the all-clear to return to businesses as usual, but we know that day will come and we’ll hit the ground running. Whether that day is in two weeks or six, we must remain resilient and keep our attitudes high. It is easy to get bogged down with the news and reports as we start to feel the cabin fever, but we must forge ahead and prepare for the day when the doors can open to the public again.

We have been tested before, and we’re being tested right now. We will come out of this and we will come out better than ever before. In the meantime, order carryout from one of our numerous restaurants, buy a gift card for a purchase another day, support and check in on each other, remain positive, and spread calm. Together, we are #StoryCountyStrong.

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