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Community Support is Essential to Story County’s Growth

January 29, 2020

As we round out the first month of the new decade, many of us are finally back in the swing of things and diving deep into projects. It is truly a spectacular time to be in Ames and Story County. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States while still adding new jobs and recruiting new talent, Ames and Story County is thriving. But, in order to maintain this momentum, we need the community to step up and help out.

We are fortunate to live in a community where so many of our employers encourage civic engagement among their staff. I’m always impressed to see the number of businesses that shut down for the day to serve with United Way of Story County’s Day of Caring, a day-long event that takes place every September to kick off their fundraising campaign and provide service to the community through various projects. The Ames Chamber of Commerce staff is always excited to participate in Day of Caring, as an opportunity to build comradery among the team, and help enhance the community.

When I see our Story County employers encourage service hours among their staff, or shut down to complete a service project, I know they are placing value on enhancing our vibrant community and want it to thrive as much as we do.

I regularly encourage my team to seek out initiatives they are passionate about and encourage them to sit on their board or serve on a committee to help make an impact. I’m pleased to see so many members of our team serve as mentors, speak to classes, and work with all different types of organizations because they want to make a difference.

We all have unique skills and expertise that makes us an influential member of the community. As we head deeper into this new year, civic engagement from all of us is necessary for our success, and there are so many ways to get involved!

The City of Ames and Story County Board of Supervisors are currently looking for community members to serve on our boards and commissions. Additionally, there are numerous nonprofit organizations that are always looking for extra support. The Boys & Girls Club of Story County, Youth & Shelter Services, and United Way of Story County to name a few. These nonprofit organizations are vital to building our community and provide an essential helping hand to those who need it. Or, if you’re unable to commit to serving on a board or commission, organizations such as Ames Main Street, The Ames Foundation, Campustown Action Association, and the Ames Main Street Farmers’ Market all thrive on volunteers to help make their events a success.

Want to make an impact? Then please join me in serving to help grow Ames and Story County.  Check out the City of Ames website for more information about boards and commissions, or contact your favorite nonprofit organization and learn how you can get started in helping out today.

Engage in 2020! Your community will be grateful and you will get the satisfaction of making a difference where you live.

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