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The Boone Scenic Valley Railroad Receives Funding Award

October 27, 2021

October 26, 2021 (Boone, IA) – The Boone Scenic Valley Railroad has received a funding award from the Iowa Department of Transportation that totals $551,112.

These funds are intended to improve rail operations for the industrial areas in Boone, which will make a positive impact for both their current and future customers. This project will also include a second track installation and rehabbing track to meet the growing industrial needs in Boone.

"The City of Boone is pleased with the funding award to the Boone Scenic Valley Railroad by the Iowa Department of Transportation," said Bill Skare, Boone City Administrator. "The Boone Scenic Valley Railroad is a tremendous asset to the city and its citizens. Undoubtedly this funding will help bring additional economic development to the area."

The Boone Scenic Valley Railroad employs 9-10 people and works with more than 200 volunteers that support the tourism aspect of their business model.

“It is great to see the leadership of the Boone Scenic Valley Railroad continuing to invest in its infrastructure as it is a critically important asset for economic development in the Boone community,” said Dan Culhane, President and CEO of the AEDC. “We are excited they received this financial assistance and look forward to their continued growth and expansion as they serve two very important sectors in the Boone community, industry and tourism.”

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