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Security & Productivity While Working from Home

Posted on April 8, 2020 at 9:00 AM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

Written by: Corey Munson, Vice President  PC Matic

PC Matic has been operating with a workforce comprised exclusively of 'work from home' employees - for over 20 years.  So, as the world continues to come to terms with what our new normal will be, we have been inundated with requests for cybersecurity guidance and insight on how we operate.  Here are a few of the most common questions:

What should I be doing to guard against cyber threats when working from home?

  • Listen to your IT team! - If your company has an IT department or works with an IT consulting 3rd party, they will have protocols that should be followed.  Start there!
  • Make sure you have some type of security software installed.  Make sure the system you are working from has some type of Anti-virus software installed.  
  • Update your WiFi network password.  Just think of how many times you have shared that password or your children have shared that password.  Do some Google work on the brand of router you have in your home and figure out how to update that password.  Or if your router was supplied by your Internet Service Provider, contact them directly.
  • Keep your computer updated.  More than 50% of the software installed on most computers is outdated.  Update that software ASAP, most patches and updates are solving security issues.
  • Don't use public WiFi for work.  These options may be very limited. However, when possible avoid public WiFi for work.
  • Stay vigilant.  Be careful what you are clicking on. 

Is it OK to do work on my children's computer?

  • Yes. But only if you have no other choice & use extreme caution.
  • Make an effort to clean it up first. Install antivirus software. Run a scan and clean.
  • Don't use a company issued computer for personal use

If I'm doing work on a home computer & get a warning that I have a virus - what should I do?

  • CALL your IT team. Explain exactly what was happening before and after you saw the warning or alert.  
  • Document exactly what is happening, take screenshots if you can. Text those screenshots to your IT team.  

Is it OK to be clicking on all of these Covid19 emails and websites?  

  • Only if you use extreme caution.  Cybercriminals are preying on our fragile states and the related urgency for Covid19 related updates.
  • This is an important time to train yourself to recognize suspicious communications.  (
  • Be especially cautious about any emails or text messages regarding Covid19.  Visit reputable sites directly for your info.


Work from home questions:

Any special tips for being productive working from home?

  • Shower & get dressed.
  • Dedicate space for work. Resist the urge to work from the dining room table or sofa.  Find a space away from others.
  • Set a schedule & know when to stop.  Too easy to keep working without end.
  • Pick up the phone.  Don't rely on email to communicate with co-workers.
  • Find time to socialize with co-workers & colleagues

Any favorite tools or apps your company uses to manage your 'work from home' staff?

PC Matic is offering our security & remote management software for Free between now and the end of June.

Visit for more details or email

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