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Why Bailey Upton Chose Ames

Posted on October 30, 2019 at 9:00 AM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

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By Logan Crittenden

When Bailey Upton graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Event Management, she prioritized a career in Ames. Bailey is now the Marketing Coordinator at Green Hills Retirement Community, a role she has been in since she graduated last spring.

Originally from New Sharon, a small town in Southeast Iowa, Bailey wasn’t so sure about moving to Ames, which felt like a big city at the time. “When I was younger and moving to college, I thought Ames was such a big place to live, but now that I’ve lived her for five years, I’ve realized how tight knit this community is and how small it really feels.”

She chose to come to Iowa State because of the Event Management program, allowing her to pursue her passion of seeing events go from start to finish. After living in Ames for four years, it became her home. Bailey knew she had to stay in Ames after graduation. This began her search for jobs in Ames. Bailey wanted to be close to all of the things she already loves doing, which makes sense since one of Bailey’s favorite things to do is watch Cyclone athletics. “I love Iowa State Football. On the weekends, that’s pretty much all I do: tailgate, football games, that kind of stuff.”

As the marketing coordinator at Green Hills, Bailey gets to do all the things she went to college for. She is in charge of all the marketing, advertising, and events and also helps people transition from purchasing a unit to becoming a resident in the Green Hills community. She finds her work rewarding and loves to see someone from the outside community become a Green Hills resident and be successful in their new community.

When asked about her long-term plans, Bailey didn’t hesitate. “I plan on staying in Ames pretty much as long as possible. I love everything that it offers, I love Iowa State, and I love being close to the things that I love doing”

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