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So You Have an Interview?

Posted on October 16, 2019 at 9:00 AM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

So you have an Interview!! – Are you Prepared?  Are you Nervous?  Don’t Be!

By Deb Malsom, Business Development Manager, Manpower

What is an interview?  It is really a conversation between two or more people to help make a decision if each person or persons feel that they could work together to meet a common goal, and that this person may add something special and unique to the company and help it meet its goals by hiring you! 

So why do people get so nervous about a job interview?    The real reason is that they are not prepared

So what do you need to be prepared for an interview?

  • Always dress one step above the job you really want, but know the dress code of the company Ask the company what is the proper dress code?   Don’t go in over or underdressed!
  • Do your research – Check out the Company; Look at their Website, LinkedIn, Glass Door, Who do you know that works there?
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early.
  • Shut off your phone, or leave it in the car!
  • Bring extra copies of your resume with you.
  • Be prepared to tell CAR stories  - Challenge , Action,  Result  This is a great way to help you answer those Behavioral Based Interview questions  -  “Tell me about a time you were faced with working on a project with your team and one of the team members did not pull their weight, how did you handle this situation?”
  • Have prepared questions to ask about the job – this will help you to know if the job would be the right fit for you? Please take me through a typical day on the job?  What type of training do you provide so I will be successful?
  •  Always say “please” and “thank you” above all else - treat everyone with respect!
  • Be sure you get contact names and follow up with a Written Thank You immediately after the interview.

Need more tips?  Check out this link from Manpower

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