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Politics Starts at the Local Level

Posted on October 2, 2019 at 9:00 AM by Drew Kamp

As residents of Ames and Story County, we are extremely fortunate to live in a growing and financially vibrant community. Story County is one of the few counties in Iowa that has seen consistent population growth in recent years. Our municipal and county financial house is in order and with strong and growing budgets, we continue to see investment throughout the community to increase the vibrancy and quality of life throughout Story County.

Through outstanding local leadership at both the county and municipal level, Ames and Story County continue to rank highly in numerous national rankings and metrics, and businesses continue to grow and expand in our marketplace, with over 350 new private-sector jobs created thus far in 2019 alone.

It is for this reason, that with a mere month the 2019 City and School Election, we remind you that your local officials are often the ones that impact your life the most directly every day. The candidates on this year’s ballot are the individuals that will be making decisions on you and your children’s’ behalf as Mayor, City Council Member, School Board Member, and Hospital Trustee. These are also the individuals’ who pass policies and oversee the budgets that have the most significant impact on your property tax dollars as well.

Ames and Story County has experienced growth and prosperity in recent years, and that is not by accident, as we have had strong, thoughtful, and pragmatic leadership from our local elected officials.  

Therefore, as we approach the 2019 City and School Election on Tuesday, November 5th, please remember the importance of local government and local elections to your daily life. Though Presidential, national, and state races tend to receive the most attention, do not forget or underestimate the impact our local elections and officials truly have.

With this in mind, we humbly ask you to make your voice heard this election season and join the Ames Chamber of Commerce in voting your voice on, or leading up to, the City and School Election on Tuesday, November 5th

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