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Iowa Ranked Among the Most Educated States in the USA

Posted on August 1, 2019 at 8:30 AM by Calli Sandahl

US News, a digital news and information company that strives to empower readers to make better, more informed decisions about important issues affecting their lives, named Iowa as one of the “Most Educated States in the USA.”

Using the criteria of high school graduation rate, average in-state tuition and fees, percentage of residents who are college-educated, and the overall ranking from their Best States list, US News evaluated and compared all 50 states in the Unites States to determine which states provide their residents with the best education in the country, both PreK-12, and higher education.

Ames, Iowa sits in the heart of the state, and is home to world-renown university, Iowa State University. US News notes 40.5% of Iowa’s residents are college educated. With the University at Ames’ doorstep, Ames reports 61.6% of all residents as college educated. Likewise, Ames has been recognized numerous times for its PreK-12 public schools. With Iowa’s public high school graduation rate averaging at 91.3%, Ames boasts a graduation rate of 97.4%.  

Iowa ranked number 9 on the Most Educated States list, and number 14 on the Best States list, with high scores in opportunity, education, and fiscal stability.

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