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The VanWall Group developed an area for a new
commercial development called Blue Sky Commons
Business Park (listed below). This development will include
John Deere retail stores and space for additional new
businesses. While this ground is being improved, the Heart
of Iowa Trail received updates. The Blue Sky Commons will
have a trail system connecting to the Heart of Iowa Trail
for use by employees of the companies that will locate in
this business park, as well as for the public.

Blue Sky Commons Business Park, a 165 acre park, is just
north of the Monsanto building on Highway 210 and I-35.
The VanWall Group is building a massive 88,000 sq. ft. spec
building which started construction in spring 2011. The
building and park will promote green energy with a wind
turbine to be installed that will provide part of the energy
requirements for the project. 

Huxley Business Park
Huxley Business Park is located on the south edge
of Huxley along Highway 69, just 2 miles from I-35.
The Huxley Development Corporation oversees the
development of this Park, which is home to commercial
and light industrial businesses. This development started
in the late 1980s. Phase III was recently completed and
is open for development. The lots range in size from 6.39
acres to 39 acres.

The largest employer in the Business Park is Kreg Tool.
Kreg Tool’s principal founder, Craig Sommerfeld, designed
A wood joinery tool (jig) in 1986 that he needed for his home construction.
Friends encouraged Craig to take this product and others
that he developed to trade shows. From this start, Kreg
Tool arrived in Huxley in the early ‘90s and is now one
of the largest employers in the Business Park, with
over 50 125 employees. Kreg’s product is distributed in the
international market. The City of Huxley is fortunate to
have a firm of this quality here along with other quality
businesses in the Huxley Business Park.

Monsanto, the leading provider of agricultural solutions to
growers worldwide, employing 70 full time intercompany employees
and 75-250 seasonal workers, opened its doors in Huxley to one of
Monsanto’s largest plant breeding facilities in North America. In 2006,
Monsanto built a multi-million dollar facility, which houses over 25
scientists with 18 Ph.D.’s on site.  These scientists are involved in an
 array of R&D activities critical to Monsanto’s success in delivering
both conventionally-derived and biotechnology-derived products to
farmers in Iowa and elsewhere.  The Huxley facility a 125,000 sq. ft.
world-class plant breeding and biotechnology research facility.  In
addition to research, the site is also home to Integrated Farming Systems™
 (IFS) Learning Center.  The IFS platform works to deliver maximum
yield to farmers through proprietary breeding technology combined with
 equipment technology advances, allowing farmers to easily manage
Monsanto products and recommendations across their operations.  
The Monsanto site is located on the southeast edge of Huxley at the
corner of I-35 and Hwy 210.



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