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The Ames Seed Capital Fund was originally incorporated in 1987 as Ames Seed Capital Fund, Inc. and then became Ames Seed Capital, LLC in 1999 ("ASCF" or "Fund"). ASCF is a pool of investment funds contributed by private sources (entities and individuals) for the purpose of providing equity financing for business start-ups and/or expansions in Ames, Story City, Nevada, Huxley and related Story County areas. The Fund is an Iowa company created to implement a program of the Ames Economic Development Commission ("AEDC") and initially established by the AEDC to fund start-up companies that were locating in the Iowa State University (ISU) Research Park. ASCF is managed by an elected volunteer Board of Managers who have invested in the Fund.

The Fund's goals are the following:

  • Proved a profit return to the investor on invested capital. Although actual rates of return will vary by each individual investment, ASCF seeks an amalgamated return on invested capital over a five to seven year period of 8-15%, but those returns are not guaranteed.
  • Assist start-up and early stage companies with another financing or investment source.
  • Create and retain jobs in the central Iowa region.
  • Create a positive economic impact to the Ames and central Iowa area.
  • Provide a specific small business financing solution.
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