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Electric services in Ames are provided by the Ames Municipal Electric System (A.M.E.S.). Electric rates in Iowa are among the lowest in the nation and the electric rates of the Ames Municipal Electric System are lower than its neighboring utilities. As a community-owned public power system, A.M.E.S. does not exist to maximize profits but to provide an essential service to residents. The benefits of the low rates extend to industrial, commercial, and residential customers.
(City of Ames, March 2011)


Residential Energy Rates Summer Winter
First 400 kWh consumed $0.0866/kWh $0.0798/kWh
Next 600 kWh consumed $0.0866/kWh $0.0669/kWh
Remaining kWh $0.0866/kWh $0.0634/kWh







(City of Ames, December 2008)


Supplied By City of Ames
Water Source Well
Capacity of water plant 12,000,000 gallons per day
2006 average consumption 6,500,000 gallons per day
2007 peak day consumption 10,220,000 gallons per day
Consumption rate $1.39 per one hundred (100) cubic feet






Waste Water

(City of Ames, December 2008)


Treatment type Secondary
Design capacity 12,000,000 gallons per day
2006 annual wastewater treatment 5,400,000 gallons per day
2007 peak wastewater treatment 28,000,000 gallons per day

Minimum $6.55 charge/month; $1.68
per 100 cubic feet of usage


Natural Gas

Alliant Energy Corporation is a regulated, investor-owned public utility holding company that provides regulated electric and natural gas service to approximately 1 million electric and 400,000 natural gas customers in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Alliant Energy maintains a strong fleet of diverse electric generating facilities across the upper Midwest that together have a nameplate generation capacity of approximately 5,700 megawatts (MW).
(Alliant Energy, March 2011)


2007 Statistics Totals
Maximum peak hour demand 5,751 MW
Number of total electric customers 980,850
Number of total natural gas customers 410,261
Natural gas sold and transported 113,750 (thousands of Dth)
Total utility electric sales 32,931 (thousands of MWh)




Local telecommunications services for voice and data are provided by Windstream, Mediacom, Nextiva and Century Link.

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