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Goals & Progress

AEDC Five-Year Objectives (2012-2016)

1) Develop opportunities resulting in $200 million in taxable capital investment.
2) Grow Ames area employment by a net increase of 1,000 jobs
3) Drive an increase in retail business sales year-over-year
4) Increase the annual investment in the AEDC to $750,000
5) Enhance partnership and communication amongst stakeholders, the community, and the region


There are a number of ways the AEDC is making a difference in Ames:

  • Lobbied for $12 million for initiatives for ISU, Iowa Thin Film Technologies, Advance Analytical, Etrema, Cy-Ride, and the DMACC Career Academy.
  • Lobbied for funding for the $460 million plan to renovate the NADC/NVSL/CVB facilities.
  • Lobbied for $400 million in federal funds for the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Career Academy. Assisted DMACC in securing private sector support.
  • Lobbied for $3.5 million for a railroad overpass on Dayton Avenue.
  • Attracted Ball, Barilla, Clarion Technologies, and HIPRA to Ames.
  • Assisted with the expansion of local firms including 3M, Hach, and Sauer-Danfoss.
  • Funded the construction for an entryway sign at East 13th Street and Interstate 35.
  • Encouraged McLeod to build a fiber optic network and point-of-presence in Ames.
  • Invested in start-up, high-technology companies such as AATI, BioForce, CADseek, CombiSep, Etrema, Lincolnway Energy, NewLink Genetics, Proplanner and Palisade Systems through the Ames Seed Captial LLC.
  • Assisted the Iowa State University Research Park in state and local funding for infrastructure improvements.


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