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News & Projects

What's happening in Ames and at the AEDC?

Lots! We're busy bees talking with interested parties from out of state, out of country, local businesses, advocating for small businesses, you name it - staff is doing it. Being the community cheerleaders that we are, the AEDC is always out in the community advocating on different ways others can help us keep improving and bettering the community where we all choose to live and work.

Ames is a fast changing (for the better!) community each and every day. Whether it's bonds being voted on to improve our school buildings and/or public library, we try to educate and get the word out. The AEDC is a hub of information about retail, recent building, excavating, housing, transporation, etc. 

While you're here, we invite you to discover how the Ames Economic Development Commission, along with our partners and other community organizations, have worked to change and improve the outlook we have for the future of Story County economic development. View our latest newsletters, reports, and more.


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