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Iowa State University Research Park

Insert picture hereThe Iowa State University (ISU) Research Park is a 230-acre development with over 270,000 square feet of building space. It's located in Ames, Iowa, highly visible from Interstate 35, and south of the Iowa State University campus. 

The Research Park represents an investment in excess of $20 million and generates $3.5 million in operating income each year. Fund appropriation from the state also represents over $325,000 annually.

 Quick Stats:

  • 230 acres
  • Founded in 1993
  • 60 tenants
  • 800 on-site employees of the Park and its tenants
  • Areas of concentration: Health and Wellness, Cyber Innovation, Plant Sciences

The ISU Research Park Corporation was established in 1987 as a not-for-profit, independent, corporation operating under a Board of Directors appointed by Iowa State University and the ISU Foundation. The corporation manages both the Research Park and ISIS.

Who They Serve
The ISU Research Park serves tenants of any size, including start-ups, small-staff operations, growing entrepreneurial ventures and corporations with multiple locations worldwide. They also work with affiliate companies to offer on-site services to further their off-site interests, wherever they may be. 

Tenants of the Park represent a wide variety of fields, including biotechnology, cyber-innovation, agriculture, health, wellness and more. 

Grow a business. Develop a new technology. Pursue a dream. The ISU Research Park can help you reach your goals with a wide range of in-house and University-based assets, as well as a collaborative support network.

Businesses and research groups from all industries and fields use ISU Research Park to base their efforts. They offer business suites and entrepreneurial guidance to start-ups, as well as single-use buildings and feasibility studies for larger companies looking to expand. They also offer research organizations incubator space, grant assistance and access to specialized equipment businesses can't find elsewhere.

Over 50 companies leverage ISU Research Park's value-added services to meet their needs. Visit their website to learn more about the opportunities available to you. You could become their next success story.

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