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Ames: The Ideal Location for Business

Many companies have located specifically in Ames because of its superior geographic location. Near the crossroads of the nation, where I-35 and I-80 intersect, Ames is centrally located to all points north, south, east, and west. Interstate road systems place Ames less than a day's drive from Omaha, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Sioux Falls, Chicago, Milwaukee, Rochester, and St. Louis. Iowa's capitol city of Des Moines is only 40 minutes away.

Ames also resides with the Cultivation Corridor. The Cultivation Corridor is a nine-county area. The estimated population for the Corridor is 764,300. However, the labor market for Central Iowa has a population of more than 990,000 residents, including 60,000 students who attend a number of colleges and universities in the area. Your company will find a sizable workforce within a 30- to -45 minute commute.

In addition to an available and earnest workforce, the area offers an unparalleled quality of life and a cost of doing business that is 17% below the national average. Unlike many other parts of the country, the Corridor has an abundant water supply, affordable electric rates and state-of-the-art fiber optics.

And speaking of where to locate your business, here's food for though: not only is Ames in an ideal, highly-visible location, but the AEDC partnering cities of Huxley and Story City also sit right along Interstate 35. With Story City being just 10 minutes north of Ames and Huxley another 10 minutes south of Ames, there's no reason why you can't locate your business along on the largest interstates in the United States.

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